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Business DB: We have the largest and most accurate business database on the market. Over 70 million contacts, 40 million unique businesses, 40 million email contacts, 50 million unique web addresses and, SIC code 2,4,6 & 8 digits, NAICS code, multiple contacts and contact levels, over 70 million business landline and cellular phones available, annual revenue, year founded, numbers of employees, etc. We can even add demographic info to business contacts, such as age, religion, ethnicity, etc.

IP address linkage: We have over 200 million IP addresses with full info including name, address, date, time stamps, phone and email. We can match all visitors to yours or anyone's website, so you can follow up. We can also append IP addresses to your existing databases, the possibilities are unlimited with what you could do with this data, most companies like to know who is visiting there sites, where they are located, income, age, etc. They also like contacting them after they left their site without filling out any info or purchasing anything. As you may know, every website records the IP address of every visitor, to be able to follow up on a warm lead who already visited can be invaluable.

New website domain buyers: We have over 200,000 new monthly websites registrants. Contact a business the same day or week they open their website. We also have new businesses just opened. We also have the largest consumer demographics and cellular files on the market. Over 300 million consumers with email, phones, address, lifestyle info such as income, age, religion, ethnicity, political, hobbies, etc., etc. Over 200 selects on consumers database. Also have the complete voter database. We also specialize in donor info, over 100 million donors to various charities.

Premium Automobile database: The most accurate and complete auto database available, over 160 million current make, model, year, VIN#, etc. All of our data is guaranteed accurate, we employ the most recent NCOA, CASS, DMA, DNC, detailed in-house validation and email and phone verification possible, and guarantee the accuracy.

More general info on what we do:

The data is multi-sourced - we have great advantage with our ability to source and combine data from a wide range of originators and data partners.

We do not limit ourselves relative to data acquisition. We take comprehensive approach employing data purchase - data exchange - provision of services for rights of usage, licensing arrangements, etc.

One of our unique strengths comes from our ability to integrate multiple data sources & employ exceptional data management & intelligence resulting in the provision of a preferred product.

We have the highest match rates for appending email, address and phone numbers (cell & landline) to 3rd party lists, including reverse append services to just email or phone.

We offer data enhancement solutions, close to 300 million consumers with over 100 demographic selects and over 70 million business contacts.

We continuously apply a stringent full range of data verification. Along with NCOA, CASS, and other record validation processes on all data sets - below see primary processes that we employ in association with email hygiene and verification

Check email address syntax

Verify that individual domain specific mailbox rules are met

Check that mail exchange record of domain is valid and accepting mail

Check existence of working mailbox - where possible

Check existence of SMTP server for domain

Check for improbable names (vulgar, famous, bogus, or suspicious keystroke sequences)

Check for known hard bounces

Elimination of duplicates & role accounts

Elimination of complaint related e-mail addresses - i.e. spam traps/honeypots, moles, black-holes (where possible)

Implementation of proprietary applications, analytics, filter functions & advanced data quality algorithms

We offer real time append, the lowest cost NCOA, CASS, email hygiene and verification, new movers, new businesses, etc.

We are always available for discussion and will always guarantee the lowest pricing and highest match rates with accuracy and deliverability guaranteed.

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